Wolf Awareness is a non-profit Canadian organization dedicated to the conservation of wolves through research and public education about wolf ecology.

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Bounties – When Will the Reality Set in?

19th March 2017

From Wolves to Willows; discussion on wild things and webs of life. This blog by W. H. “Hank” Halliday will be a continuing feature for Wolf Awareness. The presentation will be both ... Read more »

How We Know What We Know About Wolves – Part One

18th April 2017

Of Butterflies and Wolves By W. H. “Hank” HallidayWolf researchers collect and double bag these treasures, noting both the location, time and date. The double bagging is an effort t... Read more »

How We Know What We Know About Wolves Part Two – Electric Wolves

16th May 2017

by W. H. “Hank”HallidayOver 100 years ago a Canadian inventor by the name of Fessenden became the first person to transmit sound using electromagnetic waves. Translation - he’d jus... Read more »

Who’s Got the Smarts?

13th June 2017

One of the challenges of dog ownership is communication. I live with 70+ pounds of German Shepherd with an activity level that's off the charts. Having him understand me and vice versa is im... Read more »