Wolf Awareness is a non-profit Canadian organization dedicated to the conservation of wolves through research and public education about wolf ecology.

Wolf Awareness engages with media

We work hard to make sure that wolf conservation is part of the daily dialogue.  Below are links to media coverage including Wolf Awareness concerns, campaigns, research, collaboration, and more…

June 25, 2018 – Canadian Affair – Blog: Protecting Canada’s Wildlife

June 15, 2017 – Scientists open letter published in Nature Alberta: Killing wolves and farming caribou benefit industry, not caribou: a response to Stan Boutin.

April 11 and 14, 2017 – CBC Radio Documentary: http://www.cbc.ca/radio/docproject/a-wolf-pack-struggles-to-survive-in-banff-national-park-1.4063657

February 1, 2017 -National Observer: B.C. government scientists admit wolf cull is inhumane, then propose to expand it

January 20, 2017 -BCTV Kootenays:  NGO’s outraged as BC government admits culling of wolves is inhumae yet considers cull expansion 

January 20, 2017 – Salmon Arm Observer: Environmental groups criticize new mountain caribou recovery proposals

October 27 2016 – Pique Magazine: The Wolf Kill: Is This B.C.’s Shame?

October 10 2016 – BCTV Kootenay News: National Wolf Awareness Week – How Far Have We Come?

October 7 2016  – Huffington Post Opinion Editorial: Wolf and Coyote Traps are Killing Grizzly Bears (co-authored by Dwight Rodtka and Sadie Parr of Wolf Awareness)

August 3 2016  Coalition Media Release: Groundswell continues to grow as groups demand conservation in place of management

July 19 2016  Calgary Herald: Environmental groups want Alberta government to ditch caribou plan

July 19 2016  CBC News: Wildlife conservationists urge Alberta to abandon proposed caribou restoration plan: ‘Science, even the best science, doesn’t give us permission to do whatever we want’

July 19 2016 Global News: Alberta’s caribou recovery plan draws criticism from environmental groups

July 23 2016  Coalition Media Release: Alberta’s draft caribou protection plan criticized for protecting industrial development at the expense of wildlife: Alberta’s draft caribou protection plan criticized for protecting industrial development at the expense of wildlife

June 21 2016  Red Deer Advocate: Caribou Fence Plan Panned

March 11 2016  Globe and Mail: Use of snares in Western Canada fuels ethical debate

October 12 2015 Vancouver Straight Opinion Editorial: Marc Bekoff and Sadie Parr: Saving wolves with compassionate conservation.

May 22 2015 Crag and Canyon: Biologists fight for carnivores

August 14 2015 Calgary Herald – Opinion Editorial:  Parr and Genovali: Alberta must call a truce in war on wolves

April 22, 2015 The Tyee: BC’s wolf killing plan on pause, for now.

January 22, 2015 Williams Lake Tribune: Wolves hot topic of local presentation

January 20, 2015 Globe and Mail: B.C. sparks controversy by bringing back wolf hunt

January 20, 2015  Toronto Sun: B.C. wolf cull comes under fire

April 8, 2014 The Tyee: BC wolf killing based on “Unreliable Data”

May 19 2013 Williams Lake Tribune: Wolf activity researched in the Brittany Triangle

December 14 2012 Vernon Morning Star: Lecture highlights benefits of wolves



January 24 2017 NL News Editorial: Outrage over BC’s proposal to expand inhumane wolf kill program

September 9 2015 Defender Radio: Episode 248: Special Report – Wolf week

January 27 2015 Animal Voices: There’s no business on a dead planet

Defender Radio: Episode 125: The missing wolf management plan