Wolf Awareness is a non-profit Canadian organization dedicated to the conservation of wolves through research and public education about wolf ecology.

School programs

Wolf Awareness School Programs are designed to offer a unique glimpse at how large carnivores can affect the health of entire ecosystems.

Science concepts covered at the intermediate, middle and independent school level include:Scout Island Nature Centre
· How Living things sense and respond to their environment
· First Peoples concepts of interconnectedness in the environment
· Diversity and survival of living things
· Energy flow in ecosystems; trophic cascades

High school level (and independent) programs review the above topics and delve into:
· Sustainability of ecosystems
· Processes of science
· Ecology and conservation biology
· Form and function of vertebrates in predator-prey systems
· Natural resources and the environment, including ecosystem services
· Sustainable use of resources
· Agricultural supports and challenges with natural predators
· Components and interactions of forest ecosystems

Wolf Awareness presentations are designed to heighten awareness and enrich learning about the important ecological roles of apex predators, and foster an appreciation for and understanding of naturally functioning ecosystems. Presentations reinforce that people are part of ecosystems; posing problems and solutions. Participants gain a sense of stewardship.

Wolf Awareness is a non-profit organization, founded in 1987, dedicated to developing positive attitudes towards predators in general, the wolf in particular, and an appreciation of the environment of which all of us are a part. We facilitate our mission through scientific research and public education regarding wolves and other large carnivores.

Wolf Awareness offers curriculum-based education programs for schools in various formats.  We can:

  • deliver one or a series of presentations to individual classes or groupScout Island school2
  • provide teachers with a manual for a “tried and true” integrated studies program

Hank Halliday, the inspiring leader who founded Wolf Awareness also developed an award-winning integrated studies program that focuses on important environmental and ecological issues.  Hank had 30+ years of teaching experience prior to developing the integrated studies program, and describes it in the following way:

Using the wolf as a barometer of our planet’s environmental status, this curriculum has heightened the awareness and enriched the learning of youngsters….  Using primary sources and field data as a basis for true-to-life problem situations, students increasingly become self-motivated, self-directed problem-solvers.

Help us SPREAD WOLF AWARENESS by inviting us to present school programs or host a presentation, film screening, discussion night, or educational  workshop in your area.  Contact:  WolfAwareness@gmail.com

Click here to download a copy of the National Geographic Gray Wolf Educator Guide.


Aside from school programs, Wolf Awareness would love to visit your community to deliver a presentation tailored to your specific group or learning interest.

We also love being invited to set-up informative booths at special events.  Please let us know if you have an event you would like to see us at!


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